Volunteering for The Salvation Army Johnsonville

If you would like to volunteer for The Salvation Army in Johnsonville, please contact the office at or call us on 477 4853.

Salvation Army Volunteers Policy

Because of some unfortunate safety breaches in other parts of the country, the Salvation Army nationally has reviewed it’s safety guidelines for volunteers. This means that anyone working as a volunteer for the Salvation Army with people who are considered ‘vulnerable’, must sign a volunteer agreement which will include permission to obtain a police check.

Examples of ‘vulnerable’ people for the purposes of this policy include –
>>  Children
>>  Youth
>>  Family Store Customers
>>  Community Ministry Clients (MASH)
>>  People with mental or physical disabilities
>>  Elderly People
At The Salvation Army Johnsonville (SAJ) we really value all of our volunteers and the huge number of volunteer hours they contribute to the work of this church. If you are a volunteer here at SAJ, you may have, or you will be, approached in the near future and asked to sign a volunteer’s agreement and a Police Check form.  Please do not be offended by this, we are simply complying with Salvation Army policy. If you do not want to sign a volunteer agreement, that is of course your prerogative and you may wish to speak confidentially to our Corps Officers.